How We Do It

MS4W uses an integral philosophy (Wilber, Volckmann) in its approach to organizational consulting and executive coaching. Integral consulting uses both developmental approaches and an integration of a wide variety of theories. Developmental theory is useful in helping to understand individuals’ capacity to deal with complexite in a system and to determine what values are held within the organization’s cultures and systems. MS4W applies an integral framework in considering all aspects of an organizational system from both the collective and individual perspectives.

MS4W uses many different techniques in conducting our work. We are experts in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT, Hayes), an approach which develops mindful and effective employees thus reducing absenteeism and presenteeism. ACT fosters psychological health by creating psychological flexibility, which allows one to be in contact with the present moment as a conscious human being and, based on the situation, acting in accordance with one’s chosen values (Bond, Hayes and Barnes-Holmes). Psychological flexibility is perhaps the most important asset a leader can bring to a team.

MS4W’s staff are certified coaches, organizational behavior specialists, certified leadership and team facilitators and are skilled in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of systemic, leadership and team situations. Our facilitation tools include Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe, Leadership Circle as well as other methodologies.

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