MS4W’s staff are certified coaches, organizational behavior specialists, certified leadership and team facilitators. We are skilled in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of systemic, leadership and team situations. We use a variety of facilitation tools including Open Space Technology, Prosocial, the ACT Matrix, Appreciative Inquiry, and World Cafe.  We are certified in the Korn-Ferry Lominger Leadership Architecture Suite and in the LH-STEP System for the Testing and Evaluation of Potential, the Campbell Leadership Index through Vangent, Social and Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching through ISEI, the Paper Room, a system for finding clarity and direction in one’s professional life.  We are expert in the application of Acceptance and Commitment Training for strengthening adaptive capacity, situational awareness, emotional agility, and values-based planning and action.

MS4W, LLC’s Executive Director, Donna C. Read, MA, CCP, is a Consulting Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach with a passion for working with leaders and aspiring leaders who are committed to a path of personal growth as this affects both their professional and personal lives.  Her approach is anchored in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) and focuses on developing psychological flexibility and emotional agility.   She is skilled in the areas of Human Systems Dynamics, Integral and Transformational styles of  leading, and Social and Emotional Intelligence coaching.  A seasoned facilitator, she has three decades of U.S. and international experience with developing leader skills as well working with team dynamics to create resonance, increase adaptive capacity, reduce stress and build trust. Donna is bi-lingual in English and French. Her clients include U.S. government agencies, National Center for State Courts, the World Bank, foreign governments and numerous U.S. consulting firms, professional and non-profit groups.  She is a member of the Posner Center for International Development based in Denver, CO and a member of the Colorado International Coach Federation.

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