What We Do

Organizational Behavior Development

MS4W, LLC provides consulting solutions that help clients succeed in today’s complex and fast-changing environment. We begin by helping you choose where to focus in order to enhance your business, and tailor solutions that put you on the quickest route to success.

As a boutique firm, MS4W is dedicated to supporting greater personal and professional effectiveness, integration and wisdom in leaders, managers and teams. Our coaching program assists professionals in accelerating their own development through personal and interpersonal practices as well as developing capacities needed to succeed in their leadership roles. Our clients include seasoned, transitioning and emerging leaders and we help them to define what styles are needed for what situations, under what conditions.

We provide systems-wide assessment and diagnosis to determine where in the organization’s system problems are arising and how to resolve them. We support teams in crisis, exhibiting signs of fragmentation and stress, to identify the causes of their dysfunction and to return them to high-performance. We also work with start-up teams to build the foundations necessary for solid performance from the outset.

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